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Google Places Eintrag optimieren – Geschäftsdaten zu 100% ausfüllen

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Wie erreicht man 100% bei den Geschäftsdaten eines Google Places Eintrag?

Google Places 100% GeschäftsdatenMike Blumenthal, seines Zeichens Experte für Google Places und Maps, hat sich vor einer Weile mit der Frage befasst, wie man es schafft, einen Eintrag auf Google Places zu 100% zu befüllen.

Dabei ging er von den folgenden Aspekten aus, die sich in einem Interview mit Google Maps Vice President Carter Maslan ableiten lassen:

MB: You have a small graphic indiciation completion level. Is there a guide somewhere that tells what it takes to get to 100% or is it just populating every field to its maximum IE 10 Photos, 5 videos etc.

CM: We are making a change so that is more specific as to what the % complete indicates. If it isn’t available on rollout it will be available shortly.

MB: Does completion level have any impact outside of a guide to the client? I.E. does it affect standing?

CM: Nothing other than our standard view which is that if you have a complete listing you have a more appealing listing. It does not directly affect ranking. Our view is that the better you, as a business owner, represent yourself the better you able to selected among the choices. Our goal is to try to help the business present themselves in the best light.

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